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Joel Osteen Jokes

Joel Osteen Jokes

$6.99 Paperback/ $2.99 eBook

Now includes FREE AUDIO & VIDEO Versions too!

That's right... For a Limited time purchasers of this Hilarious Collection of Joel Osteen's Funniest Short, Clean Jokes can also receive both the AUDIO version AND the VIDEO version of this kindle book!

You'll have the option to watch, listen or read this book whenever you want.

Every week Pastor Joel Osteen likes to get started with something funny.
Having a sense of humor is an important attribute for all of us to have.
We all need the capacity to laugh. After all, joy is a gift from God.

We all know there's more than enough negative things in the world that we hear about
each and every day, either through the news media or even in our own lives and the lives
of those around us.

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Joel Osteen Jokes ~ Volume 2

Joel Osteen Jokes ~ Volume 2


Humor is infectious. The sound of laughter is far more contagious than any cough, sniffle, or sneeze.
When laughter is shared, it binds people together and increases happiness and intimacy.
I found these 3 sentences after doing a Google search for humor.

We all know that humor is good for us and in this book you'll find a compilation of Joel Osteen's funniest, short, clean jokes that are sure to lift your spirit and tickle your fancy. By the way this is Volume 2 so if you enjoy this as much as I think you will, you'll probably want to check out the original too!

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How to Be Happy As a Rat in a Trash Can

How to Be Happy As a Rat in a Trash Can


There are no accidents. You are on this page for a reason!
On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not happy at all and 10 being very,very happy,
how happy would you say you are right now, BEFORE reading this book?
Now remember that number.
Inside "How to Be Happy As a Rat In a Trash Can" Don challenges the reader to raise
that number just as a student would be challenged to raise up school grades.
Don says this book is about YOU!
It is about you becoming

•a little more faithful
•a little more grateful
•a little more understanding
•a little more forgiving
•a little more thoughtful
•a little more caring
•and a lot more loving
Because these are the things that beget happiness.

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Joel Osteen Quotes

Joel Osteen Quotes


Joel Osteen is one of the most inspirational speakers of our time.

He feeds my spirit on a regular basis and now you too can enjoy the words of Joel Osteen in bite size pieces
through these Joel Osteen Quotes that I (Don Pasco) have personally selected for you!

Just a few of the categories you'll enjoy are:

• Gratitude
• Encouragement
• Forgiveness
• What You Say Matters
• What You Do Matters... and many more

If you are a Joel Osteen fan as I am, I'm sure you'll love
having access to these motivational and inspirational quotes
anytime the mood arises.

They can pick you up when you're feeling down.

They can turn your day around when it's not been going in the right direction.

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