When You First Wake Up

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Things to Say/Pray When You First Wake Up (morning prayers)

Here are a few of my morning prayers. I thought perhaps some of you might like to make them your own. Feel free to select the ones that you like and adopt them. I’ll be posting some of my favorite scriptures in the next few days, so if you like my prayers you may also like my favorite scriptures.

Here goes:

This is a day the Lord has made!

I shall rejoice and be glad in it!


God, whether I get anything else done today,

I want to make sure that I spend time loving You and loving other people

Because that’s what life is all about.


This is going to be a great day!

Thank you Lord, for guiding and directing my steps.

Thank you Lord, for bestowing your favor upon me.

Thank you Lord, for having your goodness and mercy follow me.

I am excited about today!

Because of You, circumstances are changing in my favor.

Because of You, I am at the right place at the right time.

Because of You, doors of opportunity are opening for me.

Because of You, I am rising above life’s challenges.

Good things are coming my way.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior and all of my sins,

past, present and future have already been paid for.

Thank You Lord!


Divine Father, Holy Mother, move me.

Take me this day to my highest good.

Make me aware of all that will guide me

Toward my Heart’s Desires. Amen


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Good morning Lord.

I love You. I need You. And I believe in You.

I know that You are with me always.

Please help me with each and every situation that confronts me,

to always see your light and to always choose to follow it.

I’m sorry for what I have ever done wrong to hurt You or any others.

Please help me to do better.

Thank You for the many blessings that You have bestowed upon me and my loved ones.

Many of which we take for granted everyday.

Please help us all to recognize and appreciate them.

I would especially like to thank You for my health, my wealth, my wife, my children, all

other family members and all other relationships.

I’d also like to thank You for the health and wealth of my wife, my children and all other

family members and all others who use them wisely. Please help us all to do so.

Please surround me and all of my loved ones with your protection.

Keep us all safe from harm. I ask all this in the name of Your Son Jesus. Amen


I believe

I believe that this is going to be a wonderful day.

And that I can successfully handle all problems that will arise today.

I feel good physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It is wonderful to be alive.

I am grateful for all that I have had…

for all that I now have…

and for all that I shall have.

Things are NOT going to fall apart.

God is here and He is with me and He will see me through.

I thank God for every good thing.

Through God I can do all good things

but without Him I am lost.

Charlie and the 5 Words

church of God

church of GodDo you remember when you were a kid and someone would either read or tell you a good story?

Do you still remember some of those stories?
I’m sure you do.

I have no idea where this story originated or I would certainly disclose the source.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Charlie.
And everyday Charlie would walk to school in a big hurry.

He always seemed to be running behind…

And one of the things that Charlie would do on his way to school is stop off at the church that was right beside the school.

He was only in there for about 10 seconds.

He would kneel down in the very last pew, and he only said 5 words.

The 5 words Charlie would say were:
“Hello Jesus, this is Charlie.”
And off to school he went.

Well, because of this little habit, many times Charlie would be late for school and would have to stay after as a punishment for being tardy.

Charlie never seemed to mind.

Charlie did this even on days when he would have been on time, had he not stopped at the church.

Yep, everyday… rain or shine Charlie insisted on stopping in the church to say his 5 words…

Hello Jesus, this is Charlie.

Well one day when Charlie was again rushing to school he made a bad decision when crossing the street and there was a terrible accident.

The driver of the car didn’t mean to hit Charlie and did everything he could to stop.

An ambulance was called but by the time they arrived Charlie had already drawn his last breath.

And what do you suppose were the first words Charlie heard after he passed away?



Hello Charlie, this is Jesus.


I hope you enjoyed that story.
I know I was just a young boy when someone told it to me,
and I’ve never forgotten it.

Your Greatest Conversation


Do you talk to yourself?

Go ahead… admit it!

You’re not crazy. We all do it.

I do it. You do it. And so does everyone else.

meditateThat little voice has been called many things. You can’t shut it off. Believe me when I tell you I’ve tried many times.

Years ago I had heard of the many benefits of learning to meditate. So day after day I would sit in my favorite chair, wearing comfortable clothing and I would pay attention to my breath.

I could hear the inhale, I could hear the exhale and the little space in between the two that was like complete silence.

I had already been forewarned that my mind would wander.

It did. Over and over and over and over and over.

When that happens I was told (through whatever instructions I was following) to just remain calm and redirect my focus back to my breath.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it.

Simple, yes.
Easy, no.

I realize that to get good at something… to get good at anything one has to do it repeatly.

Take golfers for example.

Golfers, in an effort to improve their swing will practice by hitting hundreds of drives daily. You may have heard of the term “driving range”.

It’s a place that golfers go to do just that.
They can’t play a round of golf there, but they can practice this one aspect of their game.

It’s the same reason why baseball players take batting practice and catch ground balls.

It’s same for musicians, dancers, actors and a bazillion other professions.

Perhaps I didn’t stay with the meditation ritual long enough to get really good at it. Although I will admit that I still do it occasionally and feel I do get some benfits from it.

The difference is that I now take a slightly different approach. I no longer place the pressure on myself of not noticing that little voice in my mind.

Now I find myself listening to it and saying to myself “Isn’t that interesting?”

… a technique I learned from Louise Hay (another one of my favorite authors).

Many of the things we say to ourselves today are the same things we said to ourselves yesterday and the day before.

Some of those things may stem from things our parents told us when we were very young. Start to pay attention to that little voice and see if there might be a few things that you’d like to change.

Do you make encouraging statements to yourself?
Do you make discouraging statements to yourself?

Are you hard on yourself? Do you call yourself names and criticize your performance. Or…

Do you appreciate yourself, and recognize progress and effort.

The greatest conversation you will ever have is with yourself.

Think about it.
Little Voice Management

I’d Rather Watch a Winner

trophy award

I first heard this poem years ago on an audio tape by Denis Waitley.

My children were very young at the time and I’ve always tried to keep its wisdom in mind as I raised them.

Perhaps you may want to do the same, realizing that we all are examples for others.


I’d Rather Watch a Winner

Than Hear One Any Day.

I’d Rather Have One Walk With Me

Than Merely Tell the Way.

The Eye is a Better Student

And More Willing Than the Ear.

Great Counsel is Confusing

But Example is Always Clearer.

The Best of All the Preachers

Are the Ones Who Live Their Deeds.

To See the Good in Action

Is What Every Person Needs.

I Can Soon Learn How to Do It

If You’ll Just Let Me See It Done.

I Can Watch Your Hands in Action

But Your Tongue Too Fast May Run.

And the Lectures You Deliver

May Be Very Wise And True

But I’d Rather Get My Lesson

By Observing What YOU Do… (Dad)

For I May Misunderstand you

And the High Advice You Give

But There’s No Misunderstanding

How YOU Act And How YOU Live

So please, my loving parents

let your lives show me the way.

I’m only a reflection

of what you taught today

So teach me by example,

don’t preach about what’s right;

And show me by your actions

every day and night.

I know that you’re not perfect,

in the things you do and say;

And the lectures you deliver

are to help me find my way;

But I’d rather watch a winner,

than hear one any day.

                  —Denis Waitley


Your Magnificence

If you’ve read the post titled “First Thought of the Day” then you may recall that I suggested that we choose to begin each day with a verse from psalm 118, which I consider to be an excellent thought to begin each day. It is a way to program or re-program our minds.

You know… that thing that makes you one of the superior beings on this planet. That thing that is not only capable of, but has created your world!

And you own it free and clear!

It is the most fantastic computer ever imagined. It can store incredible amounts of information, and it can do it in technicolor. It records everything… sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch.

Can Bill Gates (or anyone else for that matter) make a computer that can do that? NOPE! Not a chance.

Just to make this point, I’d like you to read this excerpt from a book called “The Greatest Miracle in the World” by Og Mandino.

To set the scene so you can better understand, the name of the chapter this excerpt is taken from is called “The God Memorandum”.

Now don’t go getting all bent out of shape if you don’t believe in God. That’s your prerogative, but I’m sure you know plenty of people who do. We’ve all got to live together and if you don’t mind, I’m just going to go ahead and love you anyhow. 🙂

The chapter begins with this :

To: You

From: God

So keep in mind as you read this that this is God speaking directly to YOU!

Here is the excerpt:

Are you of feeble mind? Can you no longer think for yourself?

No. Your brain is the most complex structure in the universe.

I know.

Within its three pounds are thirteen billion nerve cells, more than three times as many cells as there are people on your earth.

To help you file away every perception, every sound, every taste, every smell, every action you have experienced since the day of yourbirth, I haveimplanted, within your cells, more than one thousand billion billion protein molecules.

Every incident in your life is there waiting only your recall.

And, to assist your brain in the control of your body I have dispersed, throughout your form, four million pain-sensitive structures, five hundred thousand touch detectors, and more than two hundred thousand temperature detectors.

No nation’s gold is better protected than you.

None of your ancient wonders are greater than you.

You are my finest creation.

Within you is enough atomic energy to destroy any of the world’s great cities… and rebuild it.


Are you beginning to understand how magnificent you are?

Can there be any problem that you cannot overcome?

Is it so far fetched to believe that you have the ability to do something magnificent? And that excerpt was just describing your magnificent Mind/Brain.

You are much more than that!

Your Magnificent

Here are a few more sentences from the chapter describing YOU, that I bet you never thought about.

Within your five quarts of blood are twenty two trillion blood cells and within each cell are millions of molecules and within each molecule is an atom oscillating at more than ten million times each second. Each second, two million of your blood cells die to be replaced by two million more in a resurrection that has continued since your birth.

Your heart is strong. Touch your chest and feel its rhythm, pulsating, hour after hour, day and night, thirty-six million beats each year, year after year, asleep or awake, pumping your blood through more than sixty thousand miles of veins, arteries, and tubing… pumping more than six hundred thousand gallons each year. Man has never created such a machine.

Count another blessing.

Your skin is clear and a marvel of creation, needing only that you tend it with soap and oil and brush and care. In time all steels will tarnish and rust, but not your skin. Eventually the strongest of metals will wear, with use, but not that layer that I have constructed aroundyou. Constantly it renews itself, old cells replaced by new, just as the old you is now replaced by the new.

Count another blessing.

Hopefully by now you have figured out that in Og Mandino’s book,

The Greatest Miracle in the World is


I think it’s pretty clear that YOU are “Magnificent!”

You are Magnificence in Human Form – A Gift to You from The Secret