The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap
Galatians 6:7
(Note – this is NOT the entire verse)

Some people state this law in other ways, e.g.

  • you reap what you sow, or
  • what goes around, comes around

and I’m sure there are many others. Basically it means that whatever you plant you will get back. It is also referred to as the Law of Cause & Effect.

Although this law may seem to be referencing what a farmer does to produce a harvest, it will work in all areas of our lives as well. You may not be aware of it, but you and I are planting seeds every day. I’m not talking about corn or cotton or cantaloupe. I’m talking about our thoughts, our actions, our habits. Everything we do and say is a seed sown.

Have you encouraged anyone lately? That is a seed sown.

Have you recently criticized someone’s behavior?
That too is a seed sown.

Which of those two seeds do you think will produce the better harvest?
I think you get the picture.

You have the power to create a very happy life just by putting this law in motion to work for you.

However, you also have the power to create a very miserable, unhappy life by putting this law in motion to work against you. As you can see, you can plant positive seeds or negative seeds.

Have you ever noticed your self talk when you’re in a bad mood? I have and it isn’t pretty. These thoughts (self talk) can keep us in our bad mood longer and can even make us angry (if we weren’t already). These thoughts are negative seeds and are more powerful than our idle every day thoughts because they are mixed with our negative emotions… strong emotions. Our emotions can intensify the effects of these negative seeds, which is why it is so very important to turn it around and look for something good in that very situation.

In my experience, it’s never pleasant to have someone else tell us that we need to change our attitude… but if you’re smart and recognize this scenario, you’ll realize that this is a perfect time to do just that to ourselves! And this is much better than having someone else tell you to change your attitude because you realized it yourself, and can “take the bull by the horns”, so to speak.

There is almost always something good to be found in any situation.

But, if you can’t find any, use the “Act as if” principle.

What is the “Act as if” Principle?

The “Act as if” principle is a technique I heard about many years ago (that is still used today) used by companies to train salespeople that have no experience. As you can imagine, people hired to be salespeople who have never sold a thing in their lives often lack confidence. That lack of confidence can and does affect results.

These companies teach their new employees to “act as if” they ARE successful salespeople… to “act” confident… and to “act” as if they have been selling for years. Does it work? You betcha! Try it. I think you’ll be very surprised.

Just observe someone who IS confident, or in this case… happy and “act as if” YOU are them! Behave like they do! Surely you can “act as if” you’re happy, right? You’ve been happy before. You know what it “feels” like. Right? Remember how you acted?

This principle can be used in many different situations. Confidence, happiness, wealth, you name it and you can be like other people who are confident, happy, wealthy or anything else you want to be. After all, what sets these people apart? It’s their behavior and you can behave just like they do!

We’ve all encountered other people in our lives that act like they are better than us. You know in your heart that they are no better than you. They are just “acting as if” they are. Problem is they might believe it, but that’s okay. They usually don’t mean anything by it. They’re just grossly misinformed. 🙂

To improve your level of happiness, you can use this technique for many of life’s problems. Think about this. Chances are you are not the first person to have ever had the problems you’re currently experiencing. If you can ascertain who else has had the same problem in their past and solved it, you may be able to “act as if” you are that person and solve your problem the same way!

You may recall, in my last post (What Do You Think?)  I explained how a newborn comes into the world without instructions, yet they will be programmed by the people around them none the less. This is the Law of Sowing and Reaping in action. The newborn child’s mind can be likened to a plot of ground. The people around them are like farmers planting seeds (programming). Over time they will teach the child many things. e.g. each time the child is encouraged to say Daa Daa or Ma Ma is a seed sown that will eventually produce a harvest.

You and I can use this principle to improve our happiness. Look for ways to encourage other people and don’t hesitate to encourage yourself. When you do something good pat yourself on the back by using your own self talk.

Do you see how we can program or re-program ourselves to be more like whoever we want to be like? Yes! We can! Remember when we were kids and we wanted to grow up and be like… (fill in the blank). We can still do that!

We are ever evolving beings. Don’t get in your own way. Remember, as long as your green you’re growing; but as soon as you’re ripe, you begin to rot. Don’t begin to rot. Keep growing. Keep evolving. Find a role model and “act as if” you are like them!

Here’s a seed you can sow right now that will make you happier.


Yep! It’s true. Smiling is a natural drug that makes us happier. Here’s why. Smiling:

  • lowers your blood pressure,
  • makes you more attractive, and appear more successful,
  • lifts your face and makes you appear younger,
  • sends chemical messages called endorphins throughout your body telling you that you are happy right this instant!
  • It can change your mood.
  • It raises serotonin levels, natural pain killers and it’s contagious.
  • Sow your smile and reap your harvest!


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