Happy As a Rat In a Trash Can!

How to Raise Your Happiness Level

This is NOT a children’s book.

Excerpt: Many years ago I saw a drawing of an elephant with 5 men who were all blindfolded. Each of the blindfolded men were experiencing the elephant in a different way.Book Cover

  • One was sitting on top of it.
  • Another was holding the elephant’s tail. 
  • One was holding the elephant’s trunk,
  • while another was hugging the elephant’s leg. 
  • And the 5th was grasping the elephant’s ear.

5 blindfolded men with elephant

I don’t recall whether or not there was a caption that went along with the drawing, but I was strongly impacted by the message it conveyed. It was obvious that each of those men, if asked to describe the elephant, would have completely different opinions.

That drawing still sticks in my mind today and reminds me that we all see things differently, even though we may be experiencing the exact same thing.

If you will let this image impact you the way it did me, you can become a more understanding person of people and situations in your life. You can become a little more tolerant of things you don’t understand, because you will know that there is always more to every situation than meets the eye. READ MORE

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