Story of a Father's Love

A Father’s Love

This is an incredible story. I use to think I was a pretty good father…

Actually I still do… but if you watch these videos and you’ll see why I titled this post a father’s love.

Allow me to introduce you to Team Hoyt!

If you’ve ever seen or heard other parents speak negatively toward or about their children, it may have made you feel uncomfortable just being nearby.  I know it has had that affect on me. As parents we need to realize that we can either give our kids something to live up to, or something to live down to. Kids are much smarter then we give them credit for and their feelings are very real. They know when you’re treating them with love and respect or disdain and disrespect.

Granted… the Father in these videos has set the bar extremely high. Perhaps higher than any of us could ever even approach. He is a very special man called to do something that most of us are not. Parable of the Lost Son.

But… I hope that we can all be inspired by him to raise our own bar a little higher. Keep in mind, someday the tables will turn and these little people (our children or grandchildren) that you now have a chance to influence will be larger, smarter and in a position to help you, the way you are in a position to help them now.

What will they remember about you when the tide turns?